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Hi, I’m Courtney and I’m a recovering workaholic. Yes, the kind that excused hustle for so long because “I just love what I do.” Can you relate?

3 years ago I was deep in hustle and I didn’t even know it. I didn’t know how to put my phone down and felt a constant need to “work” (which often consisted of just being on Instagram FEELING like I was working).

I used to think of workaholics as dapper men or pencil-skirt wearing women who worked in a tall building and obsessed over their job to prove themselves worthy or to get away from their family. Well.. turns out you can truly LOVE what you do, and still fall into hustle.

Now, don’t confuse hustle with hard work. Hustle doesn’t equal working hard.

Hustle is who you are in the work you’re doing.

Here are a few things you might be doing if you’re caught in hustle:

You find yourself hiding in the bathroom at family events trying to close a sale

You stay up late responding to DMs for fear that you’ll miss a sale

You find yourself thinking that your small kids are “holding you back” from success in your business

So.. do you see yourself here? If so, please do not feel shame. Shame says hide, but recognizing your need for personal growth IS GROWTH.

If you’re battling burnt out and constantly waiting for the next sale, promo or the next “good day” to motivate you to show up for your business…I see you, I feel you and I have some tough love for you..

If your work is rooted in hustle, you will always be making it about you.

Hustle is an entirely self-serving mindset where you function from a place of constant “have to’s”, not “get to’s” when it comes to serving your audience and community.

Hustle is rooted in scarcity, not abundance.
“I need to beat others to it”
“I can’t put my phone down or else I’ll miss a sale”
“I need to get as much done as I can while I’m feeling excited about my business.”

The truth is, truly healthy entrepreneurs and leaders know how to work out of ANY feeling. They don’t just “show up” when they are feeling motivated, driven, or excited about their business. They show up because they know who they are serving, why they are serving and the value they bring (regardless of external validation).

I can confidently tell you that if I never broke out of my hustle cycle, I wouldn’t be here today serving social sellers.

I now show up for my business from a place of peace and purpose. Dont’ get me wrong, I have to fight off that ex-hustle mentality daily, but recognizing it is step one.

There IS a better way, friend!

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