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Emma is designed for social sellers who use their platform to share their favorite products, links and resources and inspire others to pursue an intentional lifestyle. Emma loves building her brand around sharing about many different brands she fully supports!

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Emma is designed for social sellers who use their influence to share their favorite products, links and resources and inspire others to pursue an intentional lifestyle. Emma loves building her brand around sharing about many different brands she fully supports!

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Payment plans available. Starting at $155

emma features + highlights

Beautiful Blog for Impactful Education

Designed with endless opportunities for education through blog-heavy content, the Emma template will attract your ideal audience through powerful SEO and Pinterest-driven content.

Your Favorites All in One Easy Place

As an influencer you can showcase your favorite products, links and resources in one beautiful, easy to navigate favorites page. Use the slider galleries to link your Amazon favorites, LTK collections or your favorite products from your company!

Affiliate Page Designed to Convert

Use the affiliate page to showcase your favorite brands and your company through telling more about them, why you chose them for you and your family and multiple places for them to order or join today.

Every photo is carefully culled by our design team and allows you the opportunity to recreate your own, swap them out or keep them the same. It's totally up to you!

beautiful VISUALS

Around here, we aren't just about pretty (though we are obsessed with beautiful design). We design our templates to give you a framework to tell your brand story and powerfully attract your ideal clients.


Though we design our templates with specific types of network marketing companies in mind, you can customize our templates to fit your specific niche! The possibilities are endless.

customize to your company

- stephanie s.

The ease of Showit + all of her hands on training videos made for a seamless process. So incredibly grateful for her creativity and design. Court’s templates are your one stop shop for building both a stunning & custom website to fit your personal brand."

"Working with Courtney & her beautifully curated templates made my web design dreams come to life.

- mckenzie w.

When I saw the Emma Template it captured everything I had envisioned, things I had been telling my husband for a year and a half. I am not techy in the sense that websites and coding overwhelm me, but Courtney's template and the Showit platform made it so easy to edit and customize!"

"It's not often that I hit the purchase button so fast!

- april l.

I was finally able to focus on the fun parts without the stress and wasted time of trying to build a website from the ground up. Could not be more grateful for this option for enervating my personal brand!"

"These templates (& corresponding resources) were the exact tools I needed to finally bring the idea to life.

It was already so beautiful, but also super easy to customize so I could make it feel like "me" & include every aspect I could think of. And the Getting Started guide answered almost all my questions before I even had to ask. I really enjoyed the process, and I've gotten so many compliments on how professional and beautiful my website looks!"

"I was super intimidated by the idea of making a website but this template
was the easy button I needed.

- rachel l.

A Look Inside

what's included:

A fully customizable website design for the drag-and-drop platform, Showit (subscription purchased separately HERE). Just download, upload content, edit, and go live! Note: this design MUST be used with Showit.

A pre-installed matching blog design for Wordpress. Yep, you get the SEO and blogging power of Wordpress AND the design power of Showit... all at once. 

All graphics, layouts, and Google / free web fonts as shown in site demo. (Script font is available HERE, or you can swap it out for a font of your choosing.) Demo images are all free stock images.

A responsive and equally beautiful custom mobile site design, which you can view, edit, perfect and customize side by side with your primary site.

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Say Hello to your New website

Purchase your favorite Well Social Website Template


how it works

Install your template to Showit using your unique Share Key


Plug in your brand colors, website copy, and images.


Launch your website and celebrate!


new to showit?

Showit is completely responsive and displays exactly how you designed it. No limits. No code. Just beautiful websites.

totally customizable

We know that having a killer mobile website is key. With the desktop and mobile side-by-side editor you get to control exactly what they see.

side-by-side mobile editor

Why we love Showit and know you will too

You get to use the most powerful blogging platform made beautiful by the best design web platform in the built-in blog. WIN. WIN.


The gif-sending, insanely helpful Showit support team is (truly) there when you need them with a simple click of a button.


Built-in, easily accessible SEO settings means you'll get found on Google heyooo and your dream clients and customers.


Our sites will scale to fit every screen (yes, even your granny's iPad). No weird text wraps or awkwardly stacked buttons.


our template. your brand.

Customize to Fit Your Brand in Minutes

CW.co Templates x Showit make it simple to customize to fit your brand without needing design expertise or coding experience. 

Pinterest Graphics

This stunning bundle of 20 Pinterest Graphic Templates (usually $28) matches the Emma Theme and is perfect for driving high-value leads from Pinterest to your blog! After purchase, get instant access to customize in Canva for your brand.


add on — only $14

Showit is an easy to use, drag and drop website builder. You can easily customize, tweak or revamp any of our website templates at the click of a button. 

Showit integrates with Wordpress, packing a huge punch in website design and SEO capabilities.

When we say it's 100% customizable, we mean it!

what is showit?

can this design only be used with showit?

Yes, our sites can only be used with Showit and an active subscription in order to go live.

Your Showit subscription includes hosting for both your site and blog, use of the software to customize and manage your site and tech support along the way. We recommend the middle tier if you want to include a blog and that is priced at $29 per month (or $288 billed annually). More information on their pricing can be found here.

how do i know if showit is right for me?

We believe that Showit is hands down the best website platform out there (we've used all of them!).

Just like any platform, there is a slight learning curve. But once you start tinkering around you'll be obsessed with the creative freedom and simplicity! Our motto is that if you believe you have what it takes to not customize an ugly website, then it's perfect for you.

can i change fonts, colors or even layout?

Absolutely! You have complete freedom to customize as much or little as you'd like.

Our clients find it easiest to work off the design we've created rather than trying to redesign sections. After all, we designed then so that you don't have to!

is showit seo friendly?

You know it! You can even add in keywords, image descriptions and links to better optimize your site for search engines.

how does the wordpress blog work?

We understand that that combo can seem a little confusing! Basically, think of it as Wordpress hosting your blog (all the nitty gritty, behind the scenes details) and our Showit blog page is the pretty template it gets plugged into. Check out this blog post for a visual showing how they work together.

Trust us when we say that you do not want to be stuck designing a website on Wordpress! IYKYK, friend.

can i add pages to the design?

Absolutely! In fact, that's what we have in mind when designing our templates. Many of our pages have endless options in terms of the content you plug in and the overall goal. You can duplicate pages and recreate as you please!

Showit makes it incredibly easy to add new pages anytime and different canvases (ie sections) of your website to use as a template. It is our FAVORITE thing!

what if i need help along the way?

No worries, we got you! The Showit team is INCREDIBLY helpful and just one click away anytime!

If you have design related issues, shoot us a message at info@courtneywheeler.co we usually respond to emails within 24-48 hours.

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