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I help social selling network marketers create a compelling personal brand that sets them apart in their industry, magnetically attracts their dream customers and business partners and works outside their time on social media.

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I often get asked if I have always been confident in who I am and what I have to offer. If you were to ask mom she would probably say yes. She would also tell you few stories of how strong willed I have always been (sorry mom and dad). When I had an idea or vision for something, there was no stopping me.

I was that kid who knew (or thought I knew) what career I wanted from a young age. But after pursuing and reaching that dream job, it quickly fell flat.

In 2017 I was feeling pretty lost.

I had already left my full-time marketing graphic design job on the 23rd floor of a downtown-Dallas office building and was running what I thought was my dream job and business as a wedding photographer. Until one day it hit me that I didn’t want the typical wedding photographer lifestyle (aka traveling most weekends, stuck behind a computer editing all week, etc). I just couldn’t fathom traveling and being away from my family once we had kids (especially because my husband works 9-5 weekdays).

With that realization (and knowing I didn’t want to shoot weddings forever), I felt STUCK. Like wait, so did I build this successful business for nothing? Where do I go from here?

It’s not that I didn’t want to work. One of the things I feared in being a mom was that I wouldn’t be able to pursue my passions and entrepreneur spirit (something you probably resonate with). I was craving a business that gave me time-freedom. One that would connect me with other incredible women, allow me to walk out my life purpose and be present with my kiddos every day. I just had no clue what that would/could look like!

Fast forward to that summer when I began my network marketing business and it has quite literally changed the trajectory of my family’s life. Now I’m 5 years in and my passion for helping other social sellers/network marketers thrive in their businesses has grown so deep!

Why am I so passionate about seeing network marketers business thrive? Because while running an Etsy shop or brick and mortar business, the truth is, if you go on vacation or take a break, you stop making money. My family has always craved travel and being flexible so this was a no-go for me!

I believe that social sellers/network marketers have the most incredible business model, but sell themselves short when it comes to growing their business through SUSTAINABLE marketing and systems.

I see so many social sellers step away from their business because they are tired of spinning their wheels on Instagram and feeling a constant cycle of burnout and being in-authentic. “Showing up on Instagram” just isn’t going to cut it any more, friend. Let me just tell you… THERE IS A BETTER WAY.

You CAN have a thriving social selling business that doesn’t cost you your peace.
You CAN choose how and where you want to show up.
You CAN walk out your life purpose through your business.

How? First of all, you need to brand YOU. That’s right. You need a personal brand that is as complex, unique and incredible as you are, rooted in your story. And I don’t mean a super cute logo and thrown-together website that consists of your amazon favorites and custom shopping link.

Looking for a place to start? Read this blog post. Still looking for more clarity? My 1-1 Brand Coaching + Strategy might be for you!

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If she's not chasing her boys around she's likely grabbing coffee with a friend, doing the Peloton Red (Taylor's Version) ride, or planning her next family adventure (Iceland, anyone?).

As a social seller herself, Courtney's mission is to help social sellers establish a powerful, personal brand centered around their passions and rooted in their purpose so they can say good-bye to imposter syndrome and burnout for good while sustainably and organically growing their business.

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Courtney brings many years of experience and expertise in design, branding and marketing to clarify, elevate and activate social sellers with a personal brand that creates more impact and income. As a previous wedding photographer who built a successful, magnetic brand to attract her ideal clients, she knows what it takes to build a business that helps you stand out in a saturated online space. And she's here to teach you how.

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